Chapter President’s Column

Welcome to our website.

I’m Ken president of Northeast Illinois Gold Prospectors. 
I would first like to thank and welcome our new board;
Roger Studer Vice President
Sheree Knauf Treasurer
Stacey Austin Secretary
Without you three our club would not be a functioning GPAA chapter. I’d also like to thank the numerous other board members, without all of you we wouldn’t function as any chapter.
I grew up and have lived in Northeast Illinois my whole life. I’ve always been an outdoors-man.  I’m always out doing something. whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, camping and everything in between. I’ve always been interested in minerals, gems and treasure hunting but it wasn’t until I found out there were gold clubs in Illinois that prospecting really became a huge part of my outdoor life.  When I joined NEIL I knew this was were I belonged. This is a great group of people who are always helpful and knowledgeable and point you in the right direction to get you started in prospecting. I look forward to many years here.
As we begin the new year, I invite each of our member to find new ways to be involved with NEIL.  This is your chapter. Join committees, sign up for fundraisers & events, join in on our outings and participate in discussions about how the chapter can better serve both newcomers and longtime members.
Be present and active, attending monthly meetings not only to hear the news out in the field from outings, presentations, and the latest equipment, but also to exchange ideas and network together as a club.
I invite everyone to join us at our meetings meet new people learn to prospect and find gold.  This new year we are setting new goals and new ways to achieve these goals.
Ken Austin
(708) 552-7949